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Mesym Credit and Finance was established with a distinct mission: to champion financial inclusion in Zambia by streamlining the lending process and prerequisites. We firmly believe that every Zambian should have equitable access to financing opportunities.

As a community-driven lending initiative in Zambia, we are  fully committed to providing essential financial services. From the outset, the Mesym team has dedicated itself to assisting individuals in obtaining loans supported by proof of employment and their vehicles, all while ensuring they can continue to use their cars throughout the loan repayment period.

We are dedicated to simplifying life, reshaping personal credit, and achieving agility while maintaining a considerate approach. Our goal is to offer straightforward, cost-effective financial solutions through the utmost customer-centric methods, driven by technological innovation and partnerships.

We are devoted to wealth generation and enhancing the quality of life for everyone by extending flexible terms and delivering high-quality loans to individuals and small businesses.

Our steadfast dedication revolves around placing our customers at the forefront of everything we do. This principle is the driving force behind our tailor-made, customer-centric financial solutions.

We firmly uphold the principles of responsible lending, ethical behavior, and transparent communication with everyone we serve. Our cherished employees play a central role in our pursuit of customer satisfaction. We wholeheartedly embrace a set of values carefully crafted to ensure and enhance the exceptional quality of our services.

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Our low interest rates make borrowing affordable, helping you to achieve financial goals and secure their future

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Our loan application process is simple and speedy, ensuring a hassle-free experience for our customers.

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We offer dependable loan solutions tailored to meet your specific financial requirements.

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